Why No One Talks About Logos Anymore

Here Is Your Guide In Creating a Wordless Plumbing Logo

Your plumbing company should have a logo that is new and unique. If your plumbing logo is outdated then you need to change it.

The logo of your company is very important since it will build your brand and this is one of the reasons why you need to have a logo that is unique and strong. There are different kinds of plumbing logos and they come in different designs, shape and color. Nowadays, wordless logos are becoming a trend. Most companies do not know the effectiveness of using wordless logos. Plumbing companies should switch to wordless logo.

Here are the advantages of using wordless logos:

A. It increases brand recognition

Nowadays, a number of companies are switching to wordless logos. They are removing the words and taglines. If people will be able to recognize your brand without any words then you will have a strong advertisement.

B. Offers streamline branding

The design of the logo of your company must be simple. Look at the logos of the biggest companies in the world and most of them are just simple. Examples of companies that uses simple logos are Nike only uses a check mark, apple uses an apple and McDonalds uses the letter M. These are example of logos of powerful companies. Most of the time their logos do not come with words and people still recognize their brand by looking at their logo. The good thing about wordless logo is that you do not need to translate and people will still recognize it even if it is in a different country. Wordless logo designs are great for plumbing companies.

Below are guidelines in making wordless logos:

The design of your logo

Make sure that your logo design is compelling even if does not have words. Pictures of faucets, handyman, tools, pipes, taps and water drops are mostly used in plumbing logos. It is easier to understand your logo if you put at least two of the elements that were mentioned above. People will be able to know what kind of service you offer when you put the elements on your logo design. The design of your logo will show people that you offer plumbing services.

Aside from the design you also need to consider the color that you use. Blue is one of the most common color that plumbers use since it represents water. Feelings of integrity, trustworthiness and sincerity can be promoted by the color blue. This is really good for your business. It will also be good if you put a mascot on your logo. Putting these things on your logo design can really send a lot of information. Make sure that you put a mascot on your logo that is inviting and friendly.

Your plumbing company will be successful when you follow these tips in designing a wordless plumbing logo.

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