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Why Dry Scrubbers are Good for the Environment Industrial exhaust gases contain a lot of harmful materials. Before releasing these gases into the atmosphere these harmful materials need to be removed. It is for the purpose of removing these harmful materials that the dry scrubber system is used. Dry scrubber systems are just one type of scrubber used for the removal of harmful materials in exhaust gases. Many plants today use the dry scrubber system. These scrubbers use dry substances which can remove acidic gases responsible for acid rain. How a dry scrubber works is much the same as how other scrubbers do. The method of dry scrubbing involves a collection of dry reagents sprayed into an exhaust stream. There is a chemical reactions produced that works in different ways. Different chemical reactions happen depending on the type of materials that are being removed. Through chemical reaction, some materials neutralize harmful pollutants in the stream. And some of these will cause a chemical reaction which transforms into a different substance altogether. The transformed substance is then eliminated through the gas stream or is caught in a particle screen. Since no vapor is added in the process, the treated exhaust gases look dark or invisible. The main use of dry scrubbers is to remove acid gases from combustion sources. The process of dry scrubbing is done by spraying dry reactants to exhaust gas at very high speeds. The pollutants are neutralized in the gas with this process. There are steps by which this is done. The first step is to cool the gas. The reagent is then injected and then the gas is filtered.
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The preparation of the exhaust gases starts by cooling them. Pollutants and other toxins can easily be removed from the gas if the gas is cooled. Diluting exhaust gas can be done using evaporative cooler. The reagent is then injected when the gas is cooled. This is the step where the harmful components are eliminated from the gas. How to choose components of the dry reagent is through their neutralizing properties. Since sodium bicarbonate has this property it is most of the time included in the mixture of dry reagents. What is injected into the exhaust gas at very high pressures are different kinds of mixed powders. The injection of the dry reagents causes chemical reactions and this results in the lessening of the gas acidity and the removal of harmful pollutants. Finally the cleaned gas goes out of the scrubbing chamber while the scrubbing powder that was used is filterer using a fabric filter. Sometimes the dry powder can be cleaned for reuse. But since it cannot be washed properly, it has to also be disposed of frequently.
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Dry scrubbing is very good for the environment. Cleaner gases will then be released as a result.