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Tips on Impressing an Important Client

It is to your best interest to impress a client that spends a lot of money with your company and keep them interested in your products and services. The reason is that they provide a lucrative amount of money for your business. All you want at this stage is to have a relationship that is flourishing and not dying.

You have by all means created the right impression with your client when they met you for the first time and started using your products and services. When they next come to visit, it is also important to keep them impressed with your brand always at the front of their minds. Below are some ideas that you can use to impress them.

Give your office a Spring Clean
You would not want to invite your client to visit you when your office is disarranged. This is why it is crucial to have it cleaned by a professional cleaner before the visit of that important client. Ensure that your employees also tidy up their workstations and dispose of any unsightly mess like loose paperwork scattered on their desks. You can incorporate new office setup ideas like installing framed pictures or a new plant.

Have a Ready Plan of Action
It also important to have a timetable of activities that you would wish to do with your customer during the day. You can, for instance, arrange a morning meeting with them, then a lunch break followed by a tour of the production facility or a demonstration of new products and services. Once the day is done, you can arrange to have a dinner with the to strengthen your social bonds with them.

Arrange for them to be picked and Dropped at their Hotel
If your client is visiting from a different country, it is good to arrange for their transport to and from your premises. You can have an executive chauffeur driving them around and impress them even more. If the cost of hiring an executive transport worries you then you shouldn’t be since the cost is not as high as hiring the same service from a local taxi firm. It is a way of showing your clients that you are not afraid of treating them well and that you hold a lot of value to their business.

Be Punctual
It is a bugbear for any customer to have to sit around and wait for the supplier or partner organization officials to meet them. Punctuality is important both to the new clients and existing ones too.

Come Prepared
Lastly, ensure that you prepare well in advance for the client’s visit. Make sure that you have all the necessary agenda items available prior the meeting.