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Dry Needling – How It Can It Help Patients

For those who want to alleviate muscle pains are now trying therapeutic treatments like dry needling no wonder it has become more popular than ever. The type of needles used in releasing the accumulated tension in one’s muscles is the filiform needles. Some of the common illness that can be treated using dry needling includes myofascial pain, nerve pain, tennis elbow, headache and muscle spams.

Most of the time people mistakenly thought of acupuncture as the same with dry needling however these two are actually different when it comes to their function and even the practices used. Keep in mind that dry needling is more on the wester culture while acupuncture has its roots in the ancient tradition and practices of Chinese.

Since there is no involvement of chemicals or any medications this is called dry needling. The usual chemicals included in the needling that uses hypodermic needles includes the saline or anesthesia. For dry needling it is purely through trigger points which is proven effective in treating certain ailments. The filament needles used in acupuncture are also used in this type of treatment.

How Does Dry Needling Work?

When you talk about dry needling it simply includes the use of fine needles in different trigger points in the body without any chemicals. These trigger points function in a stimuli-response process meaning if these points are activated the body produces a certain responses. The muscle pain is relived since these points makes the muscles tense thus once pierced it somehow dissipates. Once the pressure on specific points are applied into the muscles also tend to relax.

Common Differences Between Dry Needling and Accupuncture

Despite the fact that the same type of needles are used in both treatments, these are actually two different practices. In acupuncture, there is what you call the flow of chi or energy in different channels found in one’s body, what the specialist do is follow the ancient throes of Chinese acupuncture. The moment these channels are stimulated the flow of energy is regulated.

Dry needling on the other hand is using scientific research in applying those needles, this has something to do with pathophysiology. Most of the time the needles are just inserted in the ligaments and muscles in one’s body to trigger a response. The result is evident, it reduces the tension in one’s muscles and alleviate the pain in such area. It is of great importance on your part to choose the right needling experts that is why in doing so you have to pick the most qualified among others like the Brisbane dry needling experts.

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