5 Must-Try Dishes at PindBalluchi to Experience the Rich Flavours of North India

PindBalluchi is one of the most popular restaurants in Delhi, which is well-known for its mouth-watering dishes. Today, we’ll talk about the best North Indian dishes that you can enjoy at this place.

Pind Balluchi is one of the most popular food chains in Delhi NCR, serving a wide array of North Indian dishes. Whether you are looking for a romantic date or want to spend some quality time with your family, this place is the best option to consider. The deliciousness of the mouth-watering food matches aptly with the décor.

This restaurant is located near the Greater Noida Expressway. It gives you the feeling that you are dining in a village of Punjab. Numerous jharokhas, wooden chairs with lanterns decorate the place and add an authentic touch to the village setup of PindBalluchi. Let’s talk about the top 5 dishes of this restaurant that you can’t afford to miss.

Kalmi Kebab

If you love non-veg, then this dish is a must-try. The smoky flavour and crunchy taste of kalmi kebab will compel you to order it again and again until your stomach is full. So, instead of ordering it asa starter, order it as a main course. A full plate of kalmi kebab is enough for a group of four people. So, the next time you are at the place, you know what to order. If you are looking for something tangy or spicy, there are other kebab dishes available with a different flavour– youcan choose accordingly.


If you are from North India, you might be familiar with chhole and you know how important this dish is. Chhole with Indian spices and kulche takes the food experience to a completely different level. Don’t miss out on trying this combination. They serve a huge quantity ofchhole in a big bowl.


If you haven’t tasted Lassi in a clay pot and you are missing your childhood time, then be ready to take a journey to your childhood. They provide a full glass lassi with dry fruits in it. It complements the food and adds a different flavour to your dining experience.


If you are looking for a dish, which is sweet, malaikofta should beon the top of your list. They make amazing malai kofta with a lot of cheese and malai. You will get extra curry with the dish because they ensure to fill your stomach.

Signature Dishes

They also have a lot of signature dishes that won’t be available at any other restaurant. So, if you are visiting the place for the very first time and are sceptical about what to order, then it’s recommended to check with the waiter and order the taste you would like.


PindBalluchi has a wide array of dishes on its menu. Order your favourite North Indian dishes and finallydon’t forget to order some flavour some JalJeera to help you wash it all down. The restaurant is quite affordable with the price for two coming to around INR 2000. If you are craving for some authentic North Indian food in desi style, then you know where to drop by.