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Water shortage problems and huge water bills can be solved easily and effectively through a Rainwater tank. Conservation of water is very important today due to the climate change effect. For many households aiming to become sustainable, rainwater harvesting should be of ultimate consideration. In the recent days, countries that sometimes had seasons of drought, many households used to store rainwater at infrequent periods to have a backup supply in case their normal source of water in the main supply runs out. With the recent threat of climate change, people across the world have come to appreciate the need to conserve rainwater to mitigate the demand for groundwater, and this has brought the demand for tanks and pumps.

Water demand is on high rise, so, rainwater tanks are very important in our lives today. The rainwater tank serves several purposes including water storage for ; fire brigades, drinking water, car wash, farming as well as source of income to the business selling them. Rainwater tanks are made in different shapes and sizes as follows; round water tanks, Slimline water tanks underground, molasses and chemical tanks. Key factors determining the sizes of the tanks are as follows: rain pattern, water usage supply, area of the water collection roof, security of water you need and ultimately your financial budget. The types and sizes of rainwater tanks come with different material and prices. plastics, fiberglass, concrete and steel materials are commonly used to make tanks.

Round, above-ground rainwater tanks are prefabricated per litre of volume are the cheapest type. depending on collection point of rainwater, slimline tanks can be installed at the side of the wall of the house or at the fence line. underground tanks saves lots of space and has potential to capture more water than other tanks. If the tank is underground, water pump is important to pump water to your car wash, your house or even at your garden.

rainwater tanks and pumps mostly are all sold the same shop,so that gives the advantage to choose the one suits your tank. The installation is done by a different person other than the company selling them, but they can always connect you to a suitable plumber to do it for you. A few established companies do provide installation and transportation services but you have to pay for those services.
It is important to save our climate by buying rainwater tank to conserve rainwater and reduce shortage of water and save water bills conservation of water by use of rainwater tanks will reduce water natural resources depletion.

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